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Mendoza Group Receives 2011 Employer’s Spirit of Excellence Award

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By  Bryan Wiggins, Creative Director, Mendoza Group, Inc.

Mendoza Group received the 2011 Employer’s Spirit of Excellence Award at an awards dinner hosted by the Friends of the Delaware Valley County Women’s Commission on May 19, 2011. Mendoza Group president, Mia Mendoza, accepted the award on behalf of her agency.  Ms. Mendoza delivered a speech that shared the story of the courage and leadership of her Cuban grandmother, a woman that served as as a role model of female empowerment for her family and other women. Read the full story about the award at The Delaware Valley Daily Times website.

Mendoza Group Named 2011 Small Business of the Year

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By Bryan Wiggins, Creative Director, Mendoza Group, Inc.

Mendoza Group has been named the 2011 Small Business of the Year by the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce. Chamber President, Mike Brady, expressed the chamber’s continued support for Mendoza Group and his delight about this “wonderful accomplishment.” Michael Rashid, President & CEO of AmeriHealth Mercy, had this to say about the award:

“Mendoza Group has been a valued business partner for our company for many years, and we appreciate their deep understanding of the Hispanic market. Their creative expertise and use of cutting edge technology in the area of transcreation has enabled us to respond to the communication needs of the multi-cultural segments of our Hispanic members. We salute Mia and her team for their outstanding work and dedication to excellence.”

Mendoza Group will accept the award at the 2011 Small Business Awards Reception on April 6, 2011 from 3:30 to 6:30 PM at the Drexelbrook Corporate Events Center in Drexel Hill, PA. To register for this event, please click here to log on to the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce website.

Latest Census Data Quantifies the Latino Boom

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By Bryan Wiggins, Creative Director, Mendoza Group, Inc.

The latest US Census Bureau’s 2010 census statistics (released for 26 states) quantify the dramatic increase of America’s Latino population. The data listed at the end of this post lists each state population’s percentage of Latino residents, followed by the overall increase in their Latino population between the years 2000 and 2010. This increase represents an average growth rate of 78.1% for the states tallied so far!

The next data sets to be released will be for the states of Arizona, California, Connecticut, Idaho, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. All other state data sets are scheduled to be released by April 1, 2011.

For a county by county analysis of each state, log onto the 2010 Census Redistricting Map here.

Current 2010 Hispanic Growth by State (state pop %) +(increase since 2000)

Alabama: 3.9% +144.8%, Arkansas: 6.4% +114.2%, Colorado: 20.7 +41.2%, Delaware: 8.2% +96.4%, Hawaii 8.9% +37.8%, Illinois: 15.8% +32.5%, Indiana: 6% +81.7%, Iowa: 5% +83.7%, Kansas: 10.5% +59.4%, Louisiana: 4.2% +78.7%, Maryland: 8.2% +106.5%, Mississippi: 2.7% +105.9%, Missouri: 3.5%+ 79.2%, Nebraska: 9.2% +77.3%, Nevada: 26.5% +81.9%, New Jersey: 17.7%+ 39.2%, No. Carolina: 8.4% +111.1%, Oklahoma: 8.9% +%85.2, Oregon: 11.7%+ 63.5%, So. Dakota: 2.7% +102.9%, Texas: 37.6% +41.8%, Utah: 13.0% +77.8%, Vermont: 1.5% +67.3%, Virginia:7.9% +91.7%, Washington: 11.2% +71.2%, Wyoming: 8.9% +58.6%.

Mia Mendoza Presents the Transcreation Nation

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By Bryan Wiggins – Creative Director, Mendoza Group, Inc.

Mia Mendoza, President of Mendoza Group, Inc., presented “Transcreation Nation: New Marketing Strategies for a New America” on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at the Four Points Sheraton in Allentown, PA. Mia’s in-depth look at the keys to creating compelling market strategies to reach America’s booming Latino population was hosted by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Lehigh Valley. Read The Morning Call’s report of the presentation here, or download a PDF copy of the complete presentation here: Transcreation_Nation_3

Mendoza Networks at Telemundo Presentation

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By Bryan Wiggins – Creative Director, Mendoza Group, Inc.

Marlen Diaz (Rowan Univ.), Leonor Prince (Mendoza), Diego Gomez (Telemundo), Jacqueline Guzman (Cooper Hospital) Addys Diaz (Mendoza)

Mendoza Group’s Addys Diaz and Leonor Prince attended the “Celebración de Otoño,” sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Professional Mentoring Network and supported by Telemundo. The event was held at Tierra Colombiana on September 22, 2010. Photo courtesy of Luz Selenia Salas.

Sept. 15, 2010 Latina Women Symposium

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By Addys Diaz – Public Relations Associate, Mendoza Group, Inc.

Mariachi Flores warmed up the crowd for the Mendoza Group workshop

Mendoza Group President, Mia Mendoza, presented an interactive workshop at the 2010 Latina Women Sympoium at the Wyndham Abraham Lincoln Hotel in Reading, PA on September 15, 2010. The workshop began with an in-depth  portrait of Latinas that revealed this booming group of women’s growing social and economic power. This demographic overview was followed by Mendoza Group  case studies that demonstrated how  past multimedia campaigns were targeted specifically to Latinas. The workshop concluded with a hands-on exercise that guided attendees in the creation of marketing plans customized to the unique needs of their  corporations. Mendoza Group Public Relations Associate, Addys Diaz, assisted with the presentation.

June 16, 2010 529 GSP Cubby Crusade Event

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By Leonor Prince – Sr. Account Executive, Mendoza Group, Inc.

Kelly Dunkle (PA DOT) and Leonor Prince (Mendoza Group) distribute 529 GSP info to Fun Day parents.

Mendoza Group took its 2010 “Cubby Crusade” directly to the streets by hosting a table for the PA Department of Treasury’s 529 Guaranteed Savings Program at the Hon. Luis Muñoz-Marin Elementary school’s Fun Day in Philadelphia, PA. The event was held in the school’s central schoolyard on Tuesday, June 15. Mendoza Group staff handed out colorful helium balloons that drew kids to the 529 GSP table, where parents discussed details of a savings plan offering a range of resources specifically designed to help families save for college. Beautiful weather, a well-designed event space and enthusiastic support by event and school staff all contributed to a fun event that delivered consistent foot traffic to the 529 GSP table throughout the day.

May 17, 2010 Tax Amnesty Speakers’ Bureau

By Addys Diaz – Public Relations Associate, Mendoza Group, Inc.

Leonor Prince (Mendoza Group), Philadelphia Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez, Norman Bristol-Colón, Addys Diaz (Mendoza Group)

Mendoza Group facilitated the Tax Amnesty Speaker’s Bureau at Tierra Colombiana Restaurant on May 17, 2010. The event was created to promote the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue’s 2010 Tax Amnesty program.

Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez took the opportunity to encourage Pennsylvania Latinos to take advantage of the program before the June 18, 2010 deadline. Norman Bristol Colón, Executive Director of the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs, attended on behalf of Governor Rendell and the PA Department of Revenue. Mr. Colón detailed the benefits and mechanics of the program for the audience, which included key business and civic leaders of the Pennsylvania Latino community as well as Spanish media representatives.

For more information on the PA Tax Amnesty program call
1-877-347-2987 or visit

2009 Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards

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By Addys Diaz – Public Relations Associate, Mendoza Group

Mia Mendoza and Mendoza Group PR Staff with HHYA winners

Each year, Mendoza Group Inc. has the honor of coordinating and hosting the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards Ceremony, a national scholarship program initiative that is run by the Hispanic Heritage Youth Foundation, and takes place in 12 regions across the nation.  Graduating high school seniors of Hispanic descent are chosen by regional selection committees based on their academic achievement, community service, category focus, and short written statements.  This year HHYA hosted their event at the University of Pennsylvania on April 30th and honored 15 award recepients from the Philadelphia region – which includes Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware.  The Hispanic Heritage Youth Foundation distributed more than $500,000 in total grants to 180 Youth Recipients across the country.

The Curious Case of the Gringo Creative Director

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By Bryan Wiggins – Creative Director, Mendoza Group
( Philadelphia Ad News, October 2008)

Uriel Rendón, Alberto Becerra and Aida Garcia mixing it up at Mendoza Group’s Grand Opening Christmas Party

“Do you speak Spanish?” I can count on this question to arrive like clockwork five seconds after I inform anyone that I’m the Creative Director for Mendoza Group, a fun, thriving,  Hispanic marketing agency headquartered in Media, PA. Four years of high school French granted me the skills I need to order a decent bottle of cabernet, but have done little to foster my knowledge of its sister Romance language. If I had been able to discern America’s future demographic profile in the eighth grade, I probably would have checked “Spanish” when I picked which language to learn the following year, but back then, my long-range planning was confined to deciding which Who or Yes tape to pop into the 8-track next.

Still, for the past six years, I’ve increased both my knowledge of the Hispanic culture and, I believe, the quality and marketing power of the work I’ve produced with my associates. How was this achieved by someone who once bid an important client goodnight with a hearty “Buenas Nachos”? To solve the Curious Case of the Gringo Creative Director, one needs only to investigate who we at Mendoza are, and exactly what makes us tick.

The mix of cultural identities that constitute Mendoza’s staff is a microcosm of the broader American/Hispanic culture. Our group’s roots are planted in regions as diverse as Cuba, Panama, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, (as well as more exotic locations like Florida, Maine and New Jersey!) Somehow, this mix percolates in a kind of rich, stimulating, and sometimes unpredictable environment that nevertheless yields both precisely-planned and spontaneously-born creative work.

This work matures through the same channels of change that shape and define Latin American culture in America. That culture is a constantly evolving mélange of individual Latin and American ethnicities that blend and braid through three similar but distinct processes of transformation: assimilation – the absorption of one group into a larger group, acculturation – the two-way trade of cultural traits and integration – the combination of separate parts into a unified whole.

The beginning of the Mendoza creative process starts with brainstorming sessions between key staff members to identify marketing strategies and the print, broadcast, web and community marketing programs that will realize them. These sessions follow an accultural model, where individual ideas are exchanged from a variety of perspectives. Some of these ideas are then assimilated into larger concepts that contain aspects of the original notions. Ultimately, these larger concepts are integrated into a single, cohesive marketing plan. This process is replicated as the plan is developed into its constituent creative parts and continues as these assets pass through successive rounds of review and refinement.

This potent process of creative growth shapes not only Mendoza’s marketing plans and products, but its people as well. A review of the development of the “Mi Promesa” and “Fresh Mouth” quit-smoking campaigns for the PA Department of Health illustrates the education our staff gleaned by comparing and contrasting individual cultural perspectives as we shaped these initiatives. The “Mi Promesa” campaign leveraged the traditional Hispanic core value of family commitment to create print and broadcast ads designed to motivate Latino parents and grandparents to promise to quit smoking for the benefit of their offspring. In contrast, the “Fresh Mouth” initiative used a more upbeat and stylized approach that included street teams of rappers, dancers, hip-hop radio spots and colorful, bold, print materials to motivate smoking teens and young adults to quit. The dialogue which identified the emotional triggers that would best resonate with each of these age groups and the strategies explored to activate them granted the entire creative team a deeper understanding of emerging social polarities between older and younger Hispanics and the cultural constants that still serve to unite them. This process continues with each creative challenge Mendoza meets, expanding a corporate cultural consciousness that continues to grow each time we design strategies to connect with specific segments of the continually morphing Latino culture.

This Mendoza-mindset doesn’t only aid us at work however, it’s also alive when we play. Our recent grand-opening holiday party at our new headquarters in Media featured a full-house of clients and peers from all along the Hispanic/American cultural continuum. After a few hours (and more than a few mojitos!) the band, ”Los Pleneros,” broke into the traditional, “Parranda Navideña, a vibrant catalogue of holiday music and dancing known to all Latinos. As the music played, heads bobbed, hands clapped, until more than a few surrendered to the music and cut loose before the band. Many of the feet that flew that night were attached to people just like me; not Hispanic by birth, but happily dancing to the beat of America’s rich cultural mix. It was enough to make a Gringo proud!

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